4 Major Signs You Need Wood Floor Refinishing

It is not surprising that many homeowners choose to install wood floors. Wood floors are one of the most popular flooring choices today, thanks to their outstanding benefits, such as beauty, easy maintenance, and durability. What's even more attractive about wood flooring is the ability to restore damaged parts through sanding and refinishing. But how do you tell it's an appropriate time to call the experts for wood floor refinishing? The following are signs to help you make the right decision and hire wood floor refinishing professionals on time.

1. Excessive Scratch Marks

It is easy to ignore a few scratch marks from your kids playing with their toys on the floor or from dragging heavy furniture. Generally, your wood flooring will inevitably pick up a few scratches, and there's no need to panic. However, over time, the scratches may seem too many. It could be the reason why your floor no longer looks as appealing as it did before. If that is the case, wood floor refinishing could help salvage the situation no matter how worn out it seems.

2. Splinters

Wood floors are bound to crack and break, forming splinters. These pieces of protruding wood can cause accidents and demand expensive replacements if not fixed on time. Moreover, the bigger the fragment, the more unappealing it becomes.

Check for splinters in high foot traffic areas where they are most common. You could also inspect the areas beneath the furniture and heavy equipment, which could cause damage due to friction. Schedule wood floor refinishing services to restore your wood flooring if you notice splinters.

3. Failed Water Tests

Wood floors often have sealants that protect the inner layers of the structure from soaking in water. The sealant is usually polyurethane that dries and hardens to form a protective and water-resistant coat. If you happen to pour water on the floor and it seeps into the inner layers of the flooring, it's time to reseal the wood. Avoid pouring liquids into the wood floors until you refinish them to avoid stains or water damages.

4. Looks Old and Dull

Initially, when choosing your wood floors, you probably fell in love with their appearance or just followed the trend back then. Over time, the look may seem outdated. However, you can upgrade its shade, pattern, and color by applying a new stain through wood floor refinishing. This might help improve your home's resale value and save money as it's more cost-effective than replacing the floor or part of it.

If you have encountered these warning signs, you need wood floor refinishing services. Refinishing the wood floors will extend their lifespan and protect the floor from more damages. Schedule an appointment today to restore your wood floor.

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