4 Flooring Options You Can Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are one of the best ways to give your house a facelift and boost your property value. Most homeowners planning bathroom renovations focus on finding appealing, durable, and water-resistant materials. Bathroom flooring materials are also a critical consideration when revamping your bathroom. If this is your first time choosing flooring materials for your bathroom, this piece will discuss some options that might excite you.

1. Ceramic Floors

When looking for flooring options for your bathroom, It is advisable to go for easily accessible and readily available materials. Ceramic floors perfectly fit this description and are quite popular, thanks to their beauty and affordability.

Modern technology allows the production of tiles that can mimic the appearance and appeal of luxurious materials such as wood and granite. You can also find them in endless colors and patterns to suit your preferred color theme and style.

2. Vinyl Flooring

In recent years, vinyl has gained popularity as one of the most preferred floorings for bathrooms and other rooms of your house. The material has high demand due to its reasonable pricing, high water resistance, and easy installation.

Vinyl planks and tiles also come in various colors and styles that suit different bathroom designs. In addition, thick tiles are usually durable and could serve you well with minimal maintenance. Therefore, you might want to consider adding vinyl flooring to your list of favorable options.

3. Stained Concrete

If your house has a concrete subfloor or foundation, you need to install concrete flooring as your preferred choice in the bathroom area. While concrete is not naturally waterproof, your contractor could finish, seal, and polish it properly to make it waterproof.

Concrete floors also give you the freedom to stain them as you desire. Therefore, you can customize the floor by adding unique patterns and colors to enhance the concrete floor. If you are looking for an inexpensive yet exquisite option, concrete floors could work for your bathroom.

4. Cork Material

If you have a soft spot for wooden designs, cork flooring might be an ideal choice. Since cork tiles are made of tree bark, they are an environmentally friendly option. In addition, cork tiles are well sealed with polyurethane to protect them from stains, water damage, mold growth, and similar kinds of damage. As a result, you can count on them to serve your bathroom for a long time while providing a great aesthetic appeal.

Weigh out the pros and cons that each option above has to offer to determine the right choice for your renovation project. You could involve an expert to help you make an informed decision when renovating your bathroom.

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