What You Should Know Before Refinishing Hardwood

Refinishing or resurfacing your hardwood floors can unlock their hidden potential, especially if your hardwood floors have seen better days. Hardwood floor refinishing is a fantastic option for wood floors showing signs of wear and tear. Cleaning, sanding, and re-staining your hardwood floors can bring them back to life. Even hardwood that's been in place for decades can benefit from refinishing. If hardwood floor refinishing is something you think may work for your home, here are three things you need to know. 

If It's An Option For Your Floors

If your hardwood floors are a few decades old, previous refinishing projects may impact your ability to refinish them now. The number of times hardwood can be sanded depends on the thickness of the boards. The thicker the hardwood, the more times sanding is possible. However, there is a limit, and too many sandings may make refinishing your hardwood impossible. Most hardwood can handle six to eight sandings over its lifespan. If your floors have been refinished numerous times, another round may not be an option.

What It's Going To Cost

The cost of hardwood refinishing is another thing to know before you commit. While hardwood refinishing tends to cost much less than replacing your hardwood floors, that doesn't mean it will be cheap. Most homeowners pay in the range of $3 to $8 per square foot to have a professional refinish their hardwood. If you want to save, doing the work on your own can mean significant savings. However, it will take longer, and any mistakes you make while refinishing your floors can end up costing you.

How To Prepare

Another thing to know before hardwood floor refinishing gets underway is how to prepare for it. You can do a few things to ensure that the refinishing goes off without a hitch. First, removing all furniture and doing a deep clean is essential. Second, you will want to remove any doors and baseboards. Finally, you can also minimize the dust that comes with the sanding by hanging plastic over the doors. The more you do to prepare ahead of time, the fewer issues there will be during the refinishing. 

If you want to refinish your hardwood, there are a few things to know. First, you need to determine if it's possible to refinish your home's floors. Second, you will also need to consider your budget and whether you can afford hardwood floor refinishing services. Finally, the more preparation you do ahead of time, the better. 

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