4 Reasons To Seal Your Hardwood Flooring

The beauty of hardwood flooring transforms your home and increases its resale value. But creating and maintaining eye-catching wood floors require creativity and routine maintenance. Indeed, sealing a timber floor increases its lifespan and tones down reactions between the finish and the wood. 

Wood floor sealers are formulated to work well on raw wood. Once applied, the sealer reinforces the finish and enhances overall beauty. Your wood floor installer helps you apply a quality sealer to forestall damage and unwanted changes in the finished product. 

Here are some reasons you need a hardwood flooring sealer.

1. It Reduces Water Damage Costs

Water can damage untreated floors, and repairing them is costly. If water seeps beneath the hardwood flooring surface, you'll need intense repairs to restore the beauty of your floor. This means you'll incur additional costs if there's premature damage. 

Applying quality sealant protects your wood floor from spills and leaks. Indeed, you want to maintain the floor's sheen, and sealing the surface bolsters its protective layer.

2. Creates The Suitable Base For The Finish

Applying a finish to the raw and untreated wood surface causes it to soak below the surface. This can damage the floor, and you'll incur additional costs to purchase more finish. Luckily, applying the sealing first provides the ideal base for the finish. 

Sealants create the perfect barrier between the wood and the finish. This prevents wood damage and extends the life of the applied finish. Essentially, your floors consume less finish, and you'll save money on the entire hardwood flooring project.

3. Sealing Produces Incredible Color Effects

One of the top reasons homeowners seal their wood floors is the distinctive colors it creates. Your hardwood flooring appearance changes drastically if you refinish them without prior sealing. Indeed, a sealer determines the final results whether you intend to preserve or change the natural wood color. 

You must consult a skilled timber floor professional to help create a customized floor effect that matches your home's décor. Sealing these floors diversifies your options and creates dimensional appearances you can't with the finish alone.

4. It's Affordable

Sealing the hardwood flooring in your home is affordable. Ideally, the cost of sealing per square foot is lenient on your wallet. As such, you'll skip the steep floor replacement or moisture damage costs. When done professionally, sealing adds to the floor's charm, durability, and longevity.

Sealing your wood floors adds value to your home and enhances buyer appeal. Contact wood floor installers near you if you need information regarding quality hardwood flooring maintenance.

For more information on hardwood flooring, contact a company near you.

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