Hardwood Floors Getting Older? Tips To Refinish Them

If you have hardwood floors in your home and they are getting older, it may be time to refinish them. This can make your floors look brand new again. The best way to do this is to first use dustless sanding on the floor and then staining it. Keep reading to learn more about how this process works. 

Use Dustless Sanding

There are many ways to sand a hardwood floor. In the past traditional sanders were used which creates a lot of dust in the room and on the floor. There is also dustless sanding available which eliminates almost all this dust. This makes the process go faster and you have less to clean up when the sanding is finished. 

A dust containment system is used for sandless dusting. A hose and vacuum are attached to the sander. While sanding instead of the dust getting on the floor the vacuum sucks it up and it goes into a container. There are larger systems that are used for much larger floors, such as in businesses. With this, the hose and vacuum are connected to a truck outside.

The floor is sanded a small amount at a time. The contractor will decide how much should be sanded. For example, if there is damage on the floor, such as scratches, they will sand the floor until the scratches or other damage is gone. 

Refinish Hardwood Floors

Once the floor is sanded, it is time to refinish it. You can use a stain to do this. There are different color options available if you want to change the look of your hardwood flooring. Before you start, dust the floor as there may be a small amount of dust on it after it is sanded. 

The stain is first applied using a foam applicator. One area is worked in at a time until the entire floor is stained. The stain must dry completely before the process continues. The contractor can tell you how long this will take. 

Once the floor is dried it will be finished. There are lacquer or water-based wood finishes the contractor may use as these dry faster than other types. A special applicator is used to apply the finish in smooth, straight lines. The contractor will likely put more than one coat of finish on the hardwood flooring.  As with the stain, you must wait for the finish to completely dry before you start using your flooring again.

The contractor you hire to sand and refinish your hardwood flooring can give you many tips on keeping your hardwood floors in good condition. Contact a dustless floor sanding contractor to learn more.

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