Professional Grout Cleaning Restores The Original Color Of The Grout By Removing Deep Dirt

Even if you mop your tile floor regularly and scrub the grout, it's very difficult to keep your grout clean and white. That's because every time you mop, you push dirty mop water into the joints where it makes the grout discolor. The problem is even worse if your grout isn't sealed. Professional grout cleaning can restore the original color of your grout lines by deep cleaning and removing built up dirt. Here's how professional grout cleaning helps.

Grout Cleaning Can Eliminate Mold

Mold stains are difficult to remove from grout. Plus, if your kitchen is very big, you could spend a lot of time on your knees scrubbing the floor to get rid of dirt and stains. A professional brings along equipment and cleaning chemicals to break up mold and other stains. You don't want mold growing on your kitchen floor and commercial equipment makes it easy to lift mold and deep dirt to restore the appearance of the grout.

Professional Cleaning Keeps Your Floor Sanitary

Just like you have carpets professionally cleaned even though you vacuum regularly, you need tile and grout cleaning by a professional to keep the floor looking its best and to keep it sanitary. Bacteria can thrive in the dirt collected in grout lines. Bacteria can be a source of foul odors in your home, so having the grout cleaned with professional equipment helps your kitchen look clean and smell fresh.

Grout Cleaning Can Remove Allergens Too

If you suffer from allergies, your tile floors could be triggering your symptoms. While tile may not harbor as many allergens as carpet, the pollen, dust, or pet hair can get caught in the grout lines when you sweep or mop the floor. By having the floor deep cleaned by a professional, many allergens will be removed, and that might help you be more comfortable during allergy season.

A Professional Might Provide Additional Services

A grout cleaning company may also offer grout staining and sealing. If your grout lines have not been sealed for a long time, the porous grout may have soaked up a lot of dirt and stains. This could make it impossible to get the grout bright white again. In that case, the cleaning company might apply a stain. You might even want a stain if you just want to change the color of the grout to give it a new look.

In addition, the cleaning company will probably offer to seal the grout. This is usually the final step after grout cleaning. Sealing blocks the pores in grout so dirt and dirty mop water don't seep in and discolor the grout. The grout lines stay white much longer if the grout is sealed. 

For more information about grout cleaning, contact a local company. 

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