What Are The Common Types Of Hardwood Flooring?

Many homeowners opt for hardwood flooring as they offer a strong and durable option. Moreover, they are highly versatile and go well with several décor styles, creating a harmonious feel at home. Additionally, most of these floors are easy to maintain and last for decades without requiring frequent repairs. Depending on preference and budget, homeowners can choose from several types of hardwood flooring. 

Here are some of the most common types. 

American Walnut

The American walnut has a dark and red tone making it a good option for homeowners searching for a warm flooring option. The dark tones also make it ideal for expansive spaces. American walnut has slight color variations from one board to the other, which provides consistency in appearance. It also comprises strong boards that don't deform easily and are decay-resistant. This flooring option is suitable for areas that don't have high foot traffic since it's susceptible to dents and scuffs. However, it is strong enough to resist wear and tear from everyday use. 


Maple is light-colored, with tan, light cream, and beige hues. Its neutral colors make it rhyme with several décor styles and are suitable for both small and large spaces. Maple has subtle grains, which give it a simple look that offers consistency. It is also dense, thus a suitable option for homeowners who prefer durable hardwood floors that will stand the test of time. 


Oak is one of the most popular hardwood flooring options. It is available in two types of oak, red oak and white oak. The red oak has a warmer tone with plenty of grains, while the white oak has a cooler hue and uniform grains. Oak is a good option if your house has high traffic since it masks scratches, dents, and other mishaps, due to its strong grain pattern. Also, it has several aesthetic advantages since it takes stain application well. Oak is suitable for contemporary and modern homes since it has a consistent surface that creates a natural indoor look. 


Pine offers a classic and timeless flooring option. Like other hardwood flooring options, pine is durable and will last for decades while maintaining its luxurious appearance. It is available in various colors, including nearly white, golden yellow, rich red, and rich brown. Pine is also easily customizable since you can finish it with oil, varnish, or stain. It also offers a more affordable hardwood flooring option since it's cheaper than other hardwoods such as maple and oak.

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